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Terry Talks

Embracing Equity & Diversity

What is embracing equity and diversity in the workplace? In this week’s Terry Talk, Terry answers this question and emphasizes recognizing the talent of your employees and job crafting their strengths to create a great environment for your employees.

Live Your Dash

What is the most important thing in life? Its living your dash! In this week's Terry Talk, Terry discusses the importance of making every moment count and being mindful in everything we do this 2024.


What do our world and workplaces need more of? Kindness. In this week's Terry Talk, Terry discusses the importance of a focus on kindness and gratitude - and how this impacts the people and places in which we work.


Is your organization prepared for the new changes under Ontario's Working for Workers Act? In this week's Terry Talk, Terry Gillis discusses these new protections for employees and how this impacts your business.

Angry to Happy

Angry Canadians? It sounds like an oxymoron, but recent studies have show that our anger levels are high - particularly in Ontario. In this week's Terry Talk, Terry shares top ten tips on how to boost your mood heading into the holiday season and how your job might be impacting your happiness.

Black Friday

We all love the dopamine hit of a good Black Friday deal. Unfortunately, solutions to talent challenges don't go on sale. This week's Terry Talk discusses the importance of investing in your team and how strong leadership is better than even the best Black Friday sale.